Wellness Care

To live a healthy life, your body requires constant maintenance. Receiving regular chiropractic care is a health choice that provides solutions for much more than just pain, but also keeps your body in its best shape.

Our wellness care program here at Better Life Family Chiropractic is about helping our patients keep their body functioning at its best level so that the patient can function at their maximum level as much as possible. In combination with fitness and nutrition, we believe you can achieve a healthy lifestyle through the search and want for a healthy lifestyle, not through the pursuit of disease. If you aren’t sure where to start, we will give you suggestions for books, exercises and stretches to help you start the journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Regular adjustments to the spine will also take unnecessary pressure off your joints and help you feel better by increasing your stamina and mobility to want to work out more because you won’t be experiencing pain. We also strongly feel you need to have a positive outlook that you can and will achieve the healthy lifestyle you are working towards.

Maintaining Proper Alignment

Only 10% of your entire nervous system actually feels pain, so when you are experiencing pain your body is telling you something is wrong. So it should not be ignored when you begin to experience it. Our wellness checks will allow Dr. Chad to guarantee your spine is in its proper alignment, and if it isn’t the subluxation can be corrected before you even begin to feel pain! These regular chiropractic treatments are just one way to keep your body in its optimal health, and allow your body to function properly and use the healing properties, if needed, to help you stay healthy should an illness or infection arise.

Keeping the spine aligned will help the entire body work more efficiently and effectively. Which is why the ultimate goal of wellness care is to catch any issue or problem and correct it before it becomes a larger problem. Wellness checks will also ensure your central nervous system is in top shape and running without any interference (subluxations) from the spine. When there is no interference between your spine and nervous system, your immune system will be at its strongest and will keep you at your healthiest!

Invest In Your Health

The best investment you can make is in you and your health. If you are willing to work to achieve wellness, we are able and willing to go the extra mile to help our patients achieve their wellness goals. If you are interested in experiencing chiropractic wellness care and how it can help you specifically, please do not hesitate to give us a call to set up your appointment. (509) 844-9476.