New Patients

New Patients

Thank you for deciding to become a new patient here at Better Life Family Chiropractic. We are a family oriented family chiropractic office and will do anything and everything we possibly can to make you feel welcome and at home from the moment you step in our office or speak to one of our staff members on the phone.

For those parents who need to bring their children with them to their appointment, we do offer a playspace for kids. So don’t worry about trying to find somewhere for your kids, our office has a room full of fun to keep them occupied while you are at your appointment!

What To Expect

Your first visit is about gathering information. We will take a detailed history, perform neurologic scans and orthopedic testing and, if necessary, we will order x-rays. We refer our patients to an excellent radiology center, this way we get better images and the radiologist who reviews the x-rays will also help us rule out any other medical concerns that may show up in an x-ray. We will also look at how you are functioning, and then we will discuss and establish goals that we plan to reach during your treatment with us.

During your second visit, we will review everything we discussed during our first visit. If you had x-rays taken, Dr. Chad will sit down with you and explain every detail on your x-rays. This is just one of the many reasons Dr. Chad is different than most chiropractors. He will go over every detail with you and explain these aspects of your x-rays in a way that you will understand what is going on with your body. The final aspect of your second visit is planning a treatment solution. Dr. Chad wants you to understand what you will be dealing with throughout your treatment, so he will explain everything until you understand it. If you don’t, then please ask as many questions as you need to until you do understand the treatment plan.

To get started on your journey with us, we need some information from you. Be sure to fill out our new patient form and then we can get started on helping you feel better!