About Us

About Us

Our chiropractic office opened in 2009, with the goal of creating a practice that promotes a wellness lifestyle for patients of all ages. We see patients from newborns to senior citizens. In fact, we strongly encourage parents to bring their children in at a young age to encourage and instill healthy lifestyle practices at a young age.

Dr. Chad stands out from the rest because he goes above and beyond to help his patients, even if it is a little outside the scope of chiropractic care. He wants to see his patients get better, and will do everything in his power to achieve that goal. He is also extremely thorough in his care plan. He will perform a complete analysis of a patient’s musculoskeletal structure and perform a full analysis of how each patient’s nervous system is functioning and then create a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Afraid Of Seeing A Chiropractor?

Once you begin to receive chiropractic care you will wonder why you didn’t utilize chiropractic care sooner!

Chiropractic care is the process of finding dysfunction in the system and removing that particular issue so that the body can operate the way it was intended to. There are a lot of various stresses that are in a person’s body that can create a subluxation, chiropractic care will help you recognize those stresses and help keep them under control in between chiropractic visits.

The biggest myth people believe is that chiropractors just twist and crack bones, but in actuality, if the spine is in its correct alignment and working properly then it is left alone. The only time a chiropractor performs an adjustment is to restore the spine to its correct position so it will function at its best.

Many people worry about whether or not they will experience pain, or if a chiropractor will overcompensate to realign the spine and create another issue, but Dr. Chad follows the rule that the size of the adjustment given fits the size of the patient and the size of the concern.

Meet Dr. Chad

Dr. Chad suffered from chronic headaches and pain in his hips since birth. In his mid-20s he began riding his bike past a chiropractic office every day, and he finally decided he shouldn’t be experiencing that much pain and decided to do something about it. He stopped in the chiropractic office that he passed daily and discussed the issues he was experiencing with the chiropractor. The experience was transformational and gave Dr. Chad great results.

When Dr. Chad moved, he made a point to find another chiropractor and was still experiencing great results. So, when Dr. Chad turned 30, he began wondering how he would feel about his life at 80 and began thinking he needed to make a change. Dr. Chad wanted to be able to help people and transform people’s lives, and the way he knew he could do that was by becoming a chiropractor.

The idea of being able to work with his hands to help heal the body, to be a doctor and to think outside the box of traditional medicine was extremely appealing. The philosophy of chiropractic care made a lot of sense and the best way he knew how to help people live their life as fully as possible was to become a chiropractor. So he did.

Prenatal and pediatric care became important topics of chiropractic to Dr. Chad when he was expecting his first child. While he had studied on the subject, he wasn’t trained on prenatal or pediatric care and when his wife experienced a difficult birth with their first child, Dr. Chad decided he never wanted to experience that again and he didn’t want anyone else to experience that as well. He then became certified in the Webster Technique for prenatal care and found his true passion and purpose with prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care.

When Dr. Chad is not treating patients he is spending time with his family. He believes in what he preaches, by practicing a healthy lifestyle. For exercise, he goes to Krav Maga. He also loves to travel and play the guitar and sing. He is also a former Washington State Kettlebell Champion in 2003.

While Dr. Chad’s passion is prenatal and pediatric care, he welcomes and treats all kinds of patients. He is always trying to further his education and learn new treatments to improve how he can treat his patients. Dr. Chad looks forward to helping a patient experience a healthy lifestyle with zero pain. He would love to see you as a new patient, if you are interested in our chiropractic services please contact us today! (509) 844-9476.